Do you ship internationally?
Currently we only ship domestically and to Canada, we hope to ship internationally in the future.

Why does your store only offer store credit/exchange instead of cash back?
Being a small business owner and not a large corporation, it makes more business sense for me to offer what I do. Before opening, a lot of research was done in terms of what businesses like mine offer, in regard to returns and the most consistent was store credit/exchange.  Hopefully this doesn’t deter you from shopping, please reach out with any sizing questions.  Our inventory turns over quickly so I’m confident you’ll find something you love and won’t be stuck with store credit.  

Do you restock items that have sold out?
We love to have new inventory every week; therefore, once something is sold out its no longer restocked. If there is a high demand for a sold out product, we may restock it, otherwise we hope you find something you love in our coming new arrivals

Are you able to reorder one individual size of item?
Unfortunately, when purchasing from wholesalers/vendors items come in packs with an equal number of each size, so I am unable to restock an individual size.

Your inventory seems to sell out quickly, why?
We like to have a variety of inventory, so rather than order a large quantity of an individual item like a mass merchandiser, we prefer to order a limited quantity of many items.  This adds value to our items, knowing that few others will own your pieces.